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Since they carry large wastes, the trucks are made in a special way. They are fitted with a door at the bottom to ease dropping of the garbage, and also have double slopping sides on both sides which assist in easing the unloading processes.

Movers use them in relocating staff from one different place to another. Due to their giant sizes they help in eliminating the possibility of partial transfer of commodities. Apart from the above uses, they can carry recyclable staff in friendly manner bringing environmental benefits.

Skip Sizes and their Uses

Skip bins are usually metallic containers that are used to collect waste, junk or garbage from people’s homes, offices, and industries in large quantities. Earlier they were made of paper baskets and later modified and made better into bins and finally dumpsters which are nowadays kept outside residential places to be collected on a weekly basis and their waste disposed.
Nowadays, skips are referred to as metal containers that are open at the top and carried by trucks for transporting garbage from different pick up points to the intended sites for disposal. Most governments have set up rules and regulations on the right and correct disposal systems which have forced manufacturing companies of these skip bins to produce different models and sizes to cope up with the required requirements.

There are various kinds of bins that can be hired for waste disposal:
Mini skips intended for Household Garbage
Mini skips are basically the smallest in size available in stores. They are usually sold as home skips, mini skips, domestic skips, gardening skips, to mention but a few. They are approximately 4 feet by 2.5 feet by 3 feet in dimension. They can also carry bin bags of large sizes which are more than 25 in number, in one single time.

They are specifically suited for weekly wastes which are from domestic areas or homes. You can use the skip bin for the disposal of garden wastes such as grass rolls, weeds, mowed grass, and loose clay materials.

Middle Sized Skips intended for Commercial Garbage

These bins are approximately 4 cubic yards in size and can carry double the waste capacity when compared to mini skips. They are designed to withhold a large weight of wastes from both industries and offices. Some of these wastes include computer waste materials, metal remains, saw shavings, chunks of ice, and pieces of concrete and liquid wastes that are heavy and difficult to be removed manually.

Jumbo Skips intended for Clearance
These containers are approximately 8 cubic yards in size. They are used to carry equipment or commodities from your home and office for clearance. Their main purpose is for large projects as compared to both the mini and middle sized bins because of their improved capacity.